Have I gotten you attention yet?

Let Me Heel Your Pains…. Feel Good Friday

"Ah, if there's a cure for this, I done want it, Don't want it, If there's a remedy, I'll run from it, from it…"  Love Hangover, Ms. Diana Ross


Have I gotten your attention yet?

Queens do you have a man that has a heel (Shoe) fetish?  The higher, the steeper, the better.  Can you not have enough stilettos in your arsenal of shoes?  Queens with the change in our pop culture that we live in now, sex takes on a whole different definition.  A sexual encounter doesn't always necessitate vaginal penetration or oral gratification.  

Sexy to the 10th degree



Okay now that I have your attention...

Some like it thick, chunky and high.  Others like it spiky, thin, and higher.  Some prefer wedges.  Whatever the pleasurable attractions are, there are enough to choose from.  Some men derive great pleasure from the mere view of an attractive heel/shoe, some moan from the pain of a stiletto heel digging into their flesh until the pain is unbearable (I'm not judging, I'm just saying, lol).  Orgasmic ecstasy that leaves you seeing the stars and galaxies.  

He can't decide on what color he prefers... Give him every color


The 8th wonder of the world... Well that may be a little exaggeration, lol

With age comes wisdom and the wisdom for me was the discovery of my legs.  Yes my legs!!! My legs accentuated with the right pump, girl watch out.  Queens confess to the world the obsession we have with our shoes and the magic we knowingly have over men with these mind-controlling, not FDA approved, intoxicating weapons.  In the words of Diana Ross, "Ah, if there's a cure for this, I done want it, Don't want it, If there's a remedy, I'll run from it, from it…"  They come in black, white, fuchsia, purple, red, green, multicolored and a host of various colors that the imagination can't fathom.   

Some primal, animalistic ecstasy in the boudoir

My gift to you with a bow.

Queens this is an extended weekend.  Maybe, just maybe, you can reach into your secret place and delicately retrieve that special pair of shoes.  Invite your lover into your boudoir wearing nothing but his favorite pair of freakum shoes.  Queens, his first reaction is to stare in utter amazement. Then his natural reaction is to grab for you. Don't allow him to touch you right away.  Slowly turn (as a Victoria Secret model would do on a runway) and walk away so he can have a panoramic view from the front, the side and lastly the back view.  As you walk away, turn your head with the most seductive look that clearly tells him to follow.  His barely audible voice, calls out your name.  He follows.  He falls to your feet panting and groaning unrecognizable words begging for your womanhood…

Ouch...Do you want to play Gladiator?

Trust me... You don't want to cross him

Queens, I will leave you here to continue this story with your own special ending.  I'm in the closet now deciding which pair of freakum shoes will set the mood for my situation :)….


Lace is so pure and innocent... That's what he thinks.












Peace and Blessings,

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