What man would not feel appreciated if sent this picture and told to come home early

Three Things That Men Like…. Feel Good Friday

"Never Tell People How To Do Things.  Tell Them What To Do And They Will Surprise You With Their Ingenuity."…


What man would not feel appreciated if sent this picture and told to come home early

While surfing the internet this a.m., I came across this article titled "Men Say These 3 Things Make Them Happy".  The three things are, in no particular order, Appreciation, Acknowledgement, and Affection

Appreciation:  sensitive awareness; especially : recognition of aesthetic values. Appreciation should be at the core and forefront of every relationship.  The expression of appreciation of a person's value in your life is paramount in a healthy relationship.  A man needs to feel that he is "the man" and his worth is invaluable to you and his family.  Queens we are the sanctuary, haven, and shelter from all the exterior factors that breaks and chips at our man's soul.  If we don't appreciate and love up on our men then there will be a trickled down avalanche of the love between the two of you.  I'm sorry to say it, if you don't give it to him, someone else will.  


What man can resist a smile and an open invitation of.... I'll let you fill in the blank, lol

Acknowledging to him his worth and your appreciation is greatly valued to him

Acknowledgement:  an expression of thanks or appreciation for something.  Okay Queens here is where it gets a little tricky for some of us.  Did you notice the word appreciation included in the definition for acknowledgement?  Appreciation is void if not acknowledged, recognized, and/or affirmed.  I believe that some couples become complacent and callous in their relationships.  You often hear "Well he knows I appreciate him, I don't have to say it all the time".  Affirmation and recognization are driving, motivating incentives to go over and beyond every time.  Men want to do more when they feel needed and appreciated.  

Let him know the magnitude of your love and appreciation for him.

And Queens, I don't mean that fake, let me say it so I can get more out of him, just mouth work stuff.  I mean sincere, heartfelt gratitude.  I have a sistah friend and years ago, we were talking about relationships and she used the term "stroke".  She repeatedly said that she strokes her man and there isn't anything he would not do for her and their family.  Recently we were on the phone and I heard her say to her husband that a light bulb needed to be replaced.  I said "Girl, you can change that light bulb" and she very kindly said, I make Steve know that he is needed and appreciated even for the little things in our lives.  We laughed and after he changed the light bulb, you would have thought that he found the cure for Cancer.  But at no time did it sound insincere or disingenuous.  Lets face it, we all can use reorganization and affirmation.  

Skin to skin can be so endearing.

Showing affection even when he is talking on the phone about a million dollar deal.

Affection:  a feeling of strong or constant regard for and dedication to someone.  Okay my sistah girls, it's time for your tee shirt and my panties on moment.  Affection can be very subtle and understated.  A night at the movies and placing your head on his shoulder or walking hand and hand are very subtle, understated shows of affection.  Now my Queens, it's time for me to take it to the bedroom and to show the ultimate signs of affection and true appreciation for our Kings.  I'm no scholar nor do I have a Ph.D in knowing how to work it but, best believe, I know how to work it.  Queens there are times that all it takes is a single muscle to bring your man to his knees (if you know what I mean).  That womanhood is a powerful muscle.  It has destroyed nations (let me bottle that).  Let me blow off the cob webs and dig deep down into my bag of tricks to share with my Queens, my secret arsenal, that will leave your men folks begging for seconds.  For me, there's nothing like an afternoon desert.  Call up your man and tell him there is something of high urgency awaiting him at home.  Text him some very suggestive clues of what your plans are concerning  him cumming again and again and again!!!  

Pause, stop!!!! You know you can't resist it Mister, Mister. It's okay to submit and to surrender.

Now Queens, everyone's comfort level is different but if you haven't done this before you may want to try it.  Send him some very provocative pictures of yourself.  To make it more interesting start with a picture of your freshly polished pedicure.  Next send a picture of your feet in a pair of stilettoes.  Queens, you have to do a leg shot.  What can be more spine tingling than you sucking on a ice cube with a caption that reads, "Which one can melt faster in my mouth, this ice or your manhood?"  Sistah girls we're already in knee deep, don't stop here.  Lastly, you know you have to send a picture of the well groomed, manicured womanhood.  I love playing dress up so I would take a picture in one of his custom tailored, button down shirts with just a pair of panties on or in the buff.  Have the shirt opened ever so suggestively so he can have a peek of the goodies and hit send.   

A woman after my own heart... A little masculinity but all woman

Let us not be remiss to acknowledge the power of prayer.

I don't have a man right now but, I am tired out from the thought of what I would do if I was in your position.  The moral of this story, my Queens, is to show that sometimes it's not about the big things in life, it's about the very small things that we shrug off as unimportant and insignificant.  That rearview mirror can be blinding when we look back and see how we are allowing ourselves to live and have mundane, joyless relationships.  Take the steps today to free your relationships of stuff and replace it with AppreciationAcknowledgement, and Affection.

I may be on the sideline now but, when I get back into the game... Man, somebody is in trouble, IJS

Peace and Blessings,


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